Summer - Sélection de chansons en anglais sur l'été

L'été arrive, oui oui on y croit !

Voici 2 chansons en anglais sélectionnées pour vous afin de célébrer l'été avec vos enfants (maternelle-primaire) ou vos élèves de Cycle 1 à 3.

Summer Song 

Les paroles

Summer time is here again 
Goodbye school, hello holidays 
Let's go to play at the beach or the park 
Maybe you prefer the countryside 
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cream 
Ice-cream is all I need 
Flip-flops, bikini, shorts and a hat 
I'm ready to jump 
It's summer, summertime 
The sun is UP UP UP UP 
Summer, summertime 
I'm happy! x2 
Summer time is here again 
Goodbye school, hello holidays 

Easy Monkey Songs

I love summertime

Les paroles

I love summertime (4 x) 

(verse 1) 
I really like the beach, 
I really like the ocean, 
And all the creatures in the sea, 
I want to see in motion 

(pre-chorus 1) 
Beach, Ocean, Palm trees, 
In the sun! 

I love summertime (4 x) 

(verse 2)
I really like the woods, 
I really like the river, 
The sun is hot in the sky, 
But the water makes me shiver

(pre-chorus 2) 
Forest, River, Mountains, 
In the sun! 

I love summertime (4 x) 

(verse 3) 
I really like the city, 
I really like the streets, 
Everyone's out day and night, 
Eating lots of treats 

(pre-chorus 3) 
Streets, Parties, Ice Cream, I
n the sun! 

I love summertime (4 x)

The Singing Walrus

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