On a reçu les lettres de nos correspondants américains!

We were so thrilled today, we just received our penpal letters! They are from San Diego, California. They are 3rd graders (CE2). They had so many things to write!
What a nice surprise and gift it was for my pupils!
We checked where San Diego is on the globe. It is so far!
We got the last letter for Juliette at 5:00 pm French time, it was 8:00 am for them!
Time difference is 9 hours. So exciting!
Having a penpal is such a nice way of learning new vocabulary, new culture, new ways of living, also to learn about geography, time difference, etc. and it is so much fun!

We live here!
Our penpals live in the USA, but are from many different countries such as Ethiopia, Italy, Mexico, Irak, etc. so English is not necessarily their first language!


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