Nouvelle recette de cuisine du Brésil (en anglais)

Recipe from Brazil: Moqueca Capixaba


6 slices of fish (ideally fresh fish cleaned using lemon);
3 tomatoes: remove the peel and pips and chop
green coriander and spring onion chopped
2 onions(finely chopped)
urucum seeds (if you cab get them)
garlic: chopped
peppers (optional): chopped
olive oil

This recipe is from Adriana, Brazil

Ideally, this should be cooked on top of the cooker in a special pan made of mud, the “panela de barro” or black clay pot. It serves 4 people and goes well with wine but I prefer Cajú juice.

1. In the pot heat a spoon of oil and add the garlic and urucum seeds.
2. Add salt to your taste
3. Then add one layer of tomatoes using half the tomatoes
4. Now add a layer of onion (half the onions)
5. Another layer of green coriander and spring onion (half the coriander and spring onion).
6. Now very gently put on 3 slices of fish.
7. Repeat in the same sequence: tomatoes, onion, green coriander/onion, 3 pieces of fish.
8. Save some of the green coriander and spring onion to the end.
9. Cook on top of the cooker for 25 minutes
10. Now just put a layer of prawns and let it cook a bit more. Then put the rest of the green coriander/onion to cover the prawns and it’s ready to serve.

I suggest a watercress salad, but it’s usually served with white rice and “pirão”. How do you make “pirão”? It’s easy: heat some of the soup formed from the moqueca. Add little by little cassava meal until it gets a sticky consistency.

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